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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

leonard cheptumo

Popular NASA governor might be headed to jubilee

Popular NASA governor could be headed to jubilee.Reports have emerged that the very popular governor is headed jubilee direction.
It appears that Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya, could also be headed to Jubilee from NASA.
This was revealed by Deputy President William Ruto, who said the Kakamega Governor was among those who have thrown their weight behind President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

Oparanya, Raila and joho

Although oparanya has currently denied the romours, it will be a matter of time before he crosses floors and joins jubilee the winning team.
It will be remembered also that Isaac ruto and hassan Omar sarai denied romours of joining jubilee before they were later confirmed.
We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.
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leonard cheptumo

Jubilee received by mammoth Rally in kisii

Today deputy president William ruto visited kisii county.
Deputy president William Ruto shared photos in his Facebook page.
We have placed emphasis on modernising our agriculture through value addition, agro processing and manufacturing not only to boost farmers' returns and ensure quality products reach consumers but also remain competitive in the global trade market.
At Etago, Kisii County.

Ruto received warmly in kisii county

Ruto went to kisii county to sell the jubilee agenda. Jubilee is a very popular country wide with recent defections across the political divide NASA has no chance against jubilee.
Kisii voted almost equally to both jubilee and NASA in previous election. But with recent aggressive campaigns by jubilee NASA has no chance against jubilee in kisii region.

Jubilee rally in kisii

NASA has maintained that the election will not be held with On October 26 which might cause constitutional crisis.
The deadline for election to be held is November 1 and Raila Odinga knows this very well.
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leonard cheptumo

Blow to Raila as EU observer mission give IEBC thumbs up

National Super Alliance (NASA) Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, has suffered a severe blow in his calls for reforms in IEBC ahead of the repeat Presidential elections.
This is after the European Union (EU) threw its weight behind the IEBC as it prepares to conduct the repeat elections.

In a statement released Monday, the EU observer mission in Kenya
EU said IEBC had complied with most of the recommendations the mission had put across and is good to go.
“If implemented as planned, they will provide a foundation for an improved technical process, with stronger transparency and integrity measures,” said Marietje Schaake, the EU observer mission leader.
This comes even as Raila Odinga has already pulled out of the race due to IEBC’s lack of commitment to conduct free and fair elections.
Via The Kenyan DAILY POST
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leonard cheptumo

Photos:Mob disrupt IEBC Training in bondo

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has indefinitely suspended the training of poll officials in Bondo Constituency following attack by rowdy youth at a polling station.
IEBC Bondo Constituency returning officer, Mr. John Matekwa, told Radio Ramogi that the youth attacked Sirona Academy where presiding officers and deputy presiding officers were due to begin their training.

IEBC officials

The mob demanded to Lynch the IEBC officials but they were saved by police who were on patrol.
The training were disrupted after the after main opposition leader,Raila amollo Odinga said he will not participate in the election which is slated for October 26.
He has been leading demonstrations across the country ever since the beginning of this month.
If election are not held by November 1, the country will be forced to form a caretaker goverment.
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leonard cheptumo

Breaking news:Supreme Court rules against chebukati

Supreme Court has ruled against chebukati again, chebukati had gone to court to seek clarification on maina kiae case, in which they made it clear that constitutional tally is final.Chebukati had gone to seek if he can amend results with errors in form 34A and form 34B.

Supreme Court judge maraga

A two bench judges ruled that results once announced on the constituency level cannot be altered or amend the results.
Reading the judgment supreme Court deputy chief justice mailu said that the chairman has no power to change,alter or amend the results meaning once announced on constituency level the results will be final.

More details for this story to follow.
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leonard cheptumo

Photos: Raila Dia burnt to ashes in meru before function

Raila's dais was burned to ashes in Meru Laare. The dais was to be used during his rally latter this afternoon where he is expected to address the residents of Meru this afternoon.

Raila Dias burnt to ashes in meru

The residents made it clear that raila should not be campaigning if he has withdrawn withdrawn from the presidential race.
A resident who spoke to us said
"You cannot withdraw from a presidential race and still Continue campaigning, if you have withdrawn stay at home and let those in the race continue campaigning."

Raila withdrew from the presidential race few weeks ago and went to UK.
Its 8 days now to election and Raila is still not in the race until reforms are met.Something which cannot be done in 8 days.

Meru is a jubilee zone and they voted for jubilee overwhelmingly in the last election
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leonard cheptumo

Photos: Ruto message to international Media

Ruto today adressed the international media,in his Karen home today.
Ruto who took to social media to share the content of the news conference.
Here is what he posted on his face book page
The Constitution is explicit on the electoral process. Democracy teaches us that you cannot use extra constitutional means to ascend to power.
During an international news conference at the Karen Residence, Nairobi.

Ruto addressing the international media.

Ruto made it clear that Raila Odinga is using extra constitutional means to try and ascend to power.
Raila Odinga has made It clear that he will not be on the ballot on the October 26 poll, a move which is seen calculated to cause constitutional crisis in the country.

Deputy president Ruto/photo courtesy
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