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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

leonard cheptumo

NASA makes same mistake as 2013 while filing case in supreme Court

It will be remembered that the Opposition filed the 25,000 pages backed petition on Friday, August 18, and around 10:30pm, less than two hours before the midnight time limit.

Nasa however argues that the documents it filed on Sunday – two days later – are not new evidence but an extension of what they had presented on Friday, although Supreme Court registrar Esther Nyaiyaki disagrees saying the new documents had been documented as received on Sunday, August 20.

There’s a high possibility the new documents may be thrown out when the hearing begins in a few days. There’s already precedence to that as back in 2013, when Raila first moved to the Supreme Court with the prayers that the court cancels Uhuru Kenyatta’s win, a 900-page evidence was thrown out by judges for late filing.

But according to NASA the documents filed in Sunday are an extension of those filed on Friday.
The judges will most likely throw the evidence away for late filling just like in 2013.
The probability of Raila losing this case is very high.
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leonard cheptumo

Nasa advisor David ndii wants Kenya divided into two

A technical adviser with the NASA and by extension Raila Odinga has drafted a petition seeking to have Kenya divided into two different countries.
In his petition, economist David Ndii posits that Kenya has since independence been governed by two communities, leaving the others oppressed.
Ndii refers to the recently concluded August 8 General Election where the NASA coalition rejected IEBC's announcement of Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner.
Raila's technical adviser wants Kenya divided into two

He says just like previous elections, the 2017 polls were marred with massive rigging that saw Uhuru win.
He also cites the protests that followed in Nairobi and Kisumu where at least 10 people were killed. Police have been accused of shooting protesters, including two girls aged six months and 10 years.
According to the draft, regions such as Nyanza and Western Kenya, Turkana and the coast region should be separated from Central, Nairobi, Rift Valley and North Eastern Kenya.
He argues that this is allowed in the constitution and is now seeking at least one million signatures for the petition to proceed to the next stage.
This is not the first time Ndii is calling for a schism. In 2016, he penned a controversial article in Sunday Nation calling for Kenya to be divided into different ethnic nations.
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leonard cheptumo

We will call for mass action if court rules against us NASA now claims

NASA Secretary general david ndio has claimed that they will call for mass action if the supreme Court rules against them .
NASA are filing a petition in the supreme Court to challenge the presidential poll in which president Uhuru Kenyatta won by over 54% of the votes casted.

Speaking in ntv this is what David ndio the NASA Secretary General claimed

Larry: You might still call for mass action David Ndii : we WILL
Larry: NASA will call for mass action?
Ndii: That's a definite .

Asked if he is nor afraid of casualties David ndii said that he himself is ready to die for the cause.

Uhuru Kenyatta received votes from all corners of the country by the very sophisticated campaigns he carried while NASA were busy going around the country insulting him and spreading propaganda.
Uhuru chose to campaign peace and development which carried the day in the campaigns.
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leonard cheptumo

We need leaders like Isaac Ruto President Uhuru said as he welcomed him to jubilee

Today bomet governor laboso swearing in ceremony took place in bomet stadium.
Present was jubilee party leader and president Uhuru Kenyatta.
Also present is outgoing governor Isaac Ruto, speaking in the event Uhuru Kenyatta said that Kenya needs leaders like Issac Rutto in the country.
Ruto conceded defeat to laboso while his co principal raila odinga has decided not to accept defeat even after being beaten by a huge margin

Here is what the president said about Isaac Ruto
“We are waiting for the Supreme Court decision but he (Raila) should have been a gentleman like his co-principle Isaac Ruto so that Kenyans can continue with their nation-building activities uninterrupted,” said Uhuru, Tuesday.
Uhuru Kenyatta also added that they won free and fair going BT the numbers they got in the national Assembly, senate and county assembly which jubilee have a majority.
Mr President also welcomed Isaac ruto back to jubilee party which he abandoned months ago forming his won party.
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leonard cheptumo

Jubilee will emerge victorious Mr president says and has this message to NASA

Uhuru Kenyatta has assured his supporters that they will emerge victorious in the upcoming election.
Speaking in the memorial of his father the late mzee jomo Kenyatta Uhuru Kenyatta said

There is no single Kenyan who went to the ballot and made a mistake. Every Kenyan voted where he or she desired and that was their right. But there comes a time when a decision is made and we then move forward together as one people focused on one common vision, one common dream for our nation Kenya and future generations,” said Uhuru.

NASA has filed a petition in the supreme Court against jubilee and iebc they are claiming that iebc helped jubilee rig the election results in the polls which were held on August 8.
But its obvious jubilee won going by the voting patterns across the country..
NASA are just desperate by moving to supreme Court and as always supreme Court will uphold jubilee win.

President Uhuru welcomed NASA to work with him to unite Kenyans and build the country as one.
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leonard cheptumo

Raila and wetangula spotted in state House

Raila and wetangula today were spotted in state house.
The two were spotted walking side to side with president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William ruto.

Raila odinga has taken jubilee to court over rigging claims saying jubilee rigged him in the august 8 election.
He has taken over 25000 pages evidence to supreme court showing the election was not free and fair..the court is expected to rule in favor of jubilee since no court in history of the world has overturned presidential election.
More to follow
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leonard cheptumo

Woman begs for husband in wedding gown in the streets of Nairobi

28 years old PRISCILLA NYAMBURA is so daring. She wants a HUSBAND like now.
Together with her 7 years old daughter they have done the unthinkable. They are walking in town telling all who care to read that they are in need of a male figure in their home.

And she has even put on a gown!
This is serious marketing. Somebody may laugh off the whole thing but believe you me at the end of the day she will get a husband.
If interested please call 0737 350 766.
This was posted by humanitarian ndungu nyoro who runs a charity organization

She has Been brave and now she is the talk of town,hope she gets what she looks for and may God continue blessing her and her daughter
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