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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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We will not swear Raila as president NASA explains what he will be


NASA political strategist has confirmed that they will not swear in Raila as president.
Just like Uganda besighe swearing in ceremony Raila odinga will have no power but just be leader of NASA people.

Here is how salim lone NASA spokesman explained.
"While their dismay over the swearing-in is entirely understandable, Nasarites should recognize that Raila and their leadership can still do everything that they think is needed without having been sworn in.
"Those sworn in were not going to have command of the nation’s armed forces, or of the Treasury. Raila and NASA’s greatest strength is the number of Kenyans who back them.
"Whether as a symbolically sworn-in President or as NASA leader, he can call them to assemble or demonstrate peacefully to back up justified demands that could paralyze government and business.
"Biting economic boycotts could still be organized against more business operations that support dictatorship or other unlawful actions," stated Lone.

Raila swearing will have no impact on the country.
His political suicide was boycotting October 26 poll.

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10 people killed in grisly accident in sachangwen


At least 10 people are feared dead in a grisly road accident Sachangwan, along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.
Preliminary reports indicate that a bus and three other vehicles were involved in the crash which caused the fatal crash.
The road accident claimed the life of many Kenya Kenyans in that specific road.
Popular kalenjin musician died few days ago and his entourage in the same road.

More details will follow

Photo courtesy

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Untold story:How Ida Odinga stopped Raila swearing in ceremony


It has now emerged that odinga was a lone wolf on his swearing in ceremony.
Odinga lost his last chance of being Kenyan President after boycotting October 26 poll giving Uhuru Kenyatta a chance to win in landslide.
It has emerged that idea odinga and all the other 3 principals were against the idea.
Ida odinga rubisshed claims that odinga will be sworn in and warned those who were lying to him to be sworn to keep off.
"You can go on with swearing ceremony but the person you will swear will not be my husband."
Odinga was also under pressure from wiper leader Kalonzo musyoka who used his loyalists Kibwana and Farah maalom. To show discontent with the idea to swear In Raila.
Wetangula and musalia also made several phone calls and consultantions with Raila odinga.

It has now emerged that odinga Listened to his wife ida odinga who had warned him he might face life imprisonment and He might lose His long legacy as a democratic person.

Idea odinga and Raila/photo: Billy Mutai

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Monday, 11 December 2017

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Raila odinga strategy that led to his downfall


Raila odinga never saw the events of the repeat elections coming. He thought he had mastered all the loopholes in the constitution and no legitimate elections would take place.
Raila odinga plan was to force for fresh elections after 6 months with formation of an interim government in the meantime.

Raila odinga had described  the election as jubilee opinion poll.

But with Supreme Court uphelding the elections and claiming that it meets threshold odinga strategy failed miserably.
They noted that according to the constitution the elections could not be  postponed even though Raila announced his withdrawal publicly and even wrote a letter to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

They said it was Raila odinga Right not to participate in the elections and that election period is over.
Odinga is now trying to push the government for talks,something which will not give him any power.

Raila and ngilu/courtesy

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NASA splits into Two,Here is leader of new faction


NASA leaders today called of swearing in ceremony and this idea has split NASA right in the middle.
NASA leaders have called for raila odinga and his principals to lead NASA while leave national resistance movement for revolutionary leaders like miguna miguna and orengo.
Miguna Miguna came up with the idea today here is what he shared on his twitter page.

"To @RailaOdinga , @MusaliaMudavadi and
@skmusyoka : The time to DELINK #NRM and
@CoalitionNASAKe is now. Let
@CoalitionNASAKe pursue dialogue as #NRM leads the revolution. Those in support shout "AYE!" #resist #UhuruMustGo""

He said he is ready to lead NRM which will be responsible for revolution while NASA will be responsible for dialogue.

NASA leaders today postponed Raila swearing in ceremony, in a move which Raila has been hailed as na act of statemanship.
His withdrawal attracted even attention of USA who issued statement on the matter.

Odinga and other NASA leaders/courtesy

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ODM leaders defect to jubilee after Raila Swearing withdrawal


National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has suffered a huge setback after Nyamira ODM leaders vowed to join Jubilee Party.
Addressing a Press Conference in Nyamira town on Monday, the ODM leaders led by Kitutu Masaba ODM Youth League chairman, Douglas Maati, accused the NASA leadership of failing to live up to the expectations of their supporters.
"We have remained steadfast but the leadership keeps letting us down.”
“Handling expectations of followers is becoming a problem.”
“We may switch camps now," said Maati.
His Borabu counterpart, Peter Saisi said:
"If we can't beat them, we join them.”
“This is becoming too much and time has come for us to make a decision of moving forward."
They said if Raila Odinga will not be sworn in on Tuesday, they will join Jubilee because they don’t want to associate themselves with cowards.
Via The Kenyan DAILY POST

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Summary of Today supreme Court ruling


Today supreme Court judges delivered full verdict of the 2017 elections and we have a summary of today ruling.
Here is 4 key points from the ruling
Supreme Court is tearing into pieces the little that's left of Ajos' integrity...Wah.
1. We gave IEBC orders to conduct a fresh presidential election, not for candidates to come up with irreducible minimums
2. Raila's so called withdrawal was merely an "intent", because he never followed the legal route to withdraw from elections.
3. You can't use violence to sabotage elections in Luo Nyanza then run to court to demand a nullification on the grounds of violence.
4. No one was denied the right to vote, the voters themselves and their leadership did everything to ensure they didn't vote.

In summary Uhuru Kenyatta and William ruto win was free,credible and fair .


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